A Word for Living Creatures

- beginning with a line from Paul Celan's "The Meridian"
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You think you have
ascended the mountain.

You don’t see

you stand hip-deep
in bone and ash.


We read with order and without order (ilustración de Andrea Joseph)

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T.S. Eliot, born on September 26, 1888, on idea-incubation and the mystical quality of creativity

Writer’s block is a modern notion. Writers have probably suffered over their work ever since they first started signing it, but it was not until the early nineteenth century that creative inhibition became an actual issue in literature, something people took into account when they talked about the art. That was partly because, around this time, the conception of the art changed. Before, writers regarded what they did as a rational, purposeful activity, which they controlled. By contrast, the early Romantics came to see poetry as something externally, and magically, conferred.


Banned Books tote bag

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A beautiful song from Owl City and Britt Nicole.

Amazing. Beautiful. The Watchtower of Turkey.


Cecilia Kang:

Podcasters also like the personal connection they have with fans who listen through ear buds or headphones, which can make shows feel more intimate than other forms of media.

Mars said he keeps that in mind and mikes himself more closely than he used to. This allows him to use a quieter voice, which he calls a “head voice,” in the hopes of more closely connecting with listeners.

I like that concept.

Art is the conversation between lovers.
Art offers an opening for the heart. - Hafiz, “The Ear that was Sold to a Fish”

We dance
palm to palm,
our eyes fixed
in an unspoken
murmur and tremble
of body opening
to its heart.